IKEA Greenhouse Cabinet Comparison Tool

What’s the Best IKEA Greenhouse? 🔎🌿 IKEA Greenhouse Cabinet Comparison Tool!

The first step to creating your IKEA cabinet greenhouse is, of course, getting the cabinet itself. You’ll want to narrow your focus to a metal IKEA glass door cabinet which can hold up to moisture and humidity.

Most of the options are fairly standard, differing mostly in terms of size and design, but a few options have unique features. The Baggebo isn’t one of the most popular choices for an indoor greenhouse cabinet because it’s small and it has open mesh sides. However, if you’re using it for small plants that don’t need high humidity – or as a prop station – it’s fantastic!

To choose the right cabinet for your IKEA greenhouse hack, consider your available space and what you plan to grow. Keep in mind the light and humidity requirements of your plants (and how far they need to be from the grow light!) to choose the perfect IKEA glass cabinet for plants. You can consider the unique features of each cabinet and how they’ll work for the setup you want. Want to add magnetic shelves? Choose an IKEA glass cabinet with a magnetic steel back.

Here’s a table that gives you an easy-to-use overview of IKEA greenhouse cabinets easily sortable by name, dimensions, price, and more. You’ll be ready to start your glass indoor greenhouse in no time!

IKEA Greenhouse Cabinet Comparison Tool

Idasen-cabinetIdåsen cabinet55-1/8"47-1/4"17-3/4"$499Dark graysliding doors, magnetic back
Detolf-cabinetDetolf cabinet64-1/8"16-3/4"14-3/8"$99Black-brown, Whiteglass sides & back, frameless design
Rudsta Cabinet TallRudsta cabinet (tall)61"16-1/2"14-5/8"$130Anthracitemagnetic back, open bottom shelf
Rudsta cabinet wideRudsta cabinet (wide)47-1/4"31-1/2"14-5/8"$150Anthracitemagnetic back
Milsbo cabinet (tall)Milsbo cabinet (tall)68-7/8"28-3/4"16-1/2"$250Anthracite, Whiteglass sides & back
Milsbo cabinet (wide)Milsbo cabinet (wide)39-3/8"39-3/4"15"$230Anthracite, Whiteglass sides & back
Fabrikör cabinet (tall)Fabrikör cabinet (tall)59"22-1/2"18-1/2"$180Dark gray, Pale gray-greenglass sides & back
Fabrikör cabinet (wide)Fabrikör cabinet (wide)44-1/2"31-7/8"16-1/2"$200Black-blue, Light yellowglass sides & back
Klingsbo cabinetKlingsbo cabinet70-7/8"17-3/4"15-3/4"$170Blackglass sides & back, open bottom shelf
Baggebo cabinetBaggebo cabinet45-5/8"13-3/8"11-3/4"$50Whiteopen mesh sides, magnetic back
Socker greenhouseSocker greenhouse13-3/4"17-3/4"8-3/4"$23Whitetabletop greenhouse

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