Pineapple’s Lovecraft & Death 🪦💀 Rudsta Greenhouse

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It’s still a work in progress, but my Lovecraft & Death greenhouse cabinet is slowly coming together! It’s one of three greenhouse cabinets I’m working on. Here’s my take on the IKEA greenhouse cabinet hack, what I’m growing, and where to get everything.

Lovecraft & Death IKEA Greenhouse Cabinet Setup

We currently have a very basic setup for our Rudsta wide greenhouse. The top shelf is the stock glass shelf that comes with the Rudsta cabinet. For the lower section, we have two custom pineapple Rudsta greenhouse shelves courtesy of Olive. The pineapple cutouts let some light through to the plants on the bottom that need partial shade. These IKEA greenhouse cabinet shelves will be in our shop once we’ve perfected them!

Because we’re growing succulents, not tropical plants that require high humidity, we don’t have a humidifier and our Rudsta greenhouse isn’t sealed.

The hanging skull planter is attached with a magnetic hook and a powerful earth magnet on the top of the glass shelf – simple and effective.

We’re using Barrina T5 grow lights – two 2’ Barrina lights on the top and two 2’ lights installed under the top shelf. There’s a Govee hygrometer thermometer to make sure it doesn’t get too humid or hot. You’ll also want to add a fan to ensure good air circulation, especially if you weatherstrip your greenhouse cabinet.

Govee Hygometer/Thermometer
Govee Hygometer/Thermometer
Barrina T5 grow lights
Barrina T5 Grow Lights (2 foot)
SmartDevil Small USB Fan
SmartDevil Small USB Fan

Most succulents need full sun or bright, indirect light to grow and develop intense colors. So far, everything is thriving and growing faster than expected.

Planned upgrades:

  • Replace glass shelf with greenhouse shelves that offer drainage and better airflow
  • Install small fan to improve airflow
  • Add small Barrina T5 grow lights to the bottom corner shelves
  • Add magnetic planters to the back wall for small trailing succulents

What’s Growing in Our Rudsta Greenhouse

Our Lovecraft & Death IKEA greenhouse is almost entirely succulents. Here are some of my favorites. There are links to planters & other products in the captions!

I love my collection of cool planters. The Cthulhu planter is huge but makes a great centerpiece.

I have a small collection of lithops and split rocks in these gorgeous planters Olive printed. The planters don’t have a commercial license; if you want them, consider investing in a Creality 3D printer. The lithops planter was designed by MegaAndy.

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