IKEA Greenhouse

Want to start your own IKEA indoor greenhouse? Looking for inspiration? Explore our guides to choosing and customizing an IKEA greenhouse cabinet, ideas and inspiration, how to paint IKEA cabinets & much more!

IKEA Greenhouse Tutorials

If you’re just getting started, these guides cover everything you need to know to make an IKEA greenhouse.

IKEA Greenhouse Ideas & Inspiration

People do amazing things with IKEA greenhouse cabinets. Looking for some inspiration for your IKEA greenhouse build? Here’s a good place to start! Get inspired with greenhouse shelving ideas, paint, plants to grow, and more.

How to Paint IKEA Cabinets

IKEA glass door cabinets used for DIY greenhouses come in limited colors, but it’s easy to paint IKEA furniture. 🎨 Here’s how to spray paint IKEA cabinets!

IKEA Greenhouse Shelving Ideas

One of the most fun ways to customize your IKEA greenhouse cabinet hack is swapping out the glass shelves in your cabinet for something new. Here are 7 ideas for greenhouse shelves that let you use the vertical space in your cabinet, make sure plants get just the right amount of light, and improve ventilation.

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