IKEA Greenhouse Shelving Ideas

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One of the most fun ways to customize your IKEA greenhouse cabinet hack is swapping out the glass shelves in your cabinet for something new.

Glass shelves aren’t ideal for ventilation. They also limit plant size and placement.

These greenhouse shelves let you use the vertical space in your cabinet, make sure plants get just the right amount of light, and improve ventilation.

As you explore greenhouse shelving ideas, keep in mind the light needs of your plants and distance from the grow lights. You want to avoid leaf burn! Options like corner shelves let you strategically add some shade to lower plants or place plants closer to the sides of the cabinet where light intensity is lower.

Mackapär Shoe Rack – Perfect for Rudsta Greenhouse Shelving

Sometimes you don’t need to leave IKEA to find the perfect greenhouse shelves for your cabinet. @rareroots.ict used two shoe racks configured to the right height for her Rudsta greenhouse.

Get the Mackapär Shoe rack @ IKEA.

Wire Rack – Cut to Fit for Custom Greenhouse Shelving

@groen_moetjedoen used a simple solution for their IKEA greenhouse hack: a wire shelf cut to fit! Make sure you get the right depth then cut your greenhouse racks to fit. You can use a Dremel or bolt cutters and file down the edges or burrs or put small plastic caps over them.

It’s definitely one of the most affordable homemade greenhouse shelving ideas out there.

Suction Cup Planters – Ditch the Shelves!

Small clear acrylic suction cup plant pot holder
Suction cup pot holders – Crazy Tutu’s Succulents @ Etsy

Make use of the walls of your IKEA greenhouse for starters and propagation, succulents, or even air plants.

Aquarium cups are one option. These small plant cups are designed to attach to the side of an aquarium for aquatic plants that need to be planted in substrate.

You can find acrylic aquarium cups @ Amazon.

Last update on 2023-11-27 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Last update on 2023-11-27 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

You can find other styles of suction cup planter pots too. Here’s a cute diamond shaped acrylic planter designed for a window.

Below, you can see how @cosmicplanter uses aquarium plant cups in her Milsbo for cuttings.

IKEA Pegboard Shelves – Skådis Pegboard Shelving & Planters

Acrylic Pegboard @ UltimateAcrylics, Etsy

Another IKEA greenhouse cabinet hack uses the IKEA Skådis pegboard as a base for small shelves and planters. The Skådis pegboard is a great option for air plants and cuttings – as well as mounting accessories!

The Skådis pegboard itself isn’t good for your greenhouse cabinet because it will grow mold and fall apart without being treated. The solution? Swap it out for an acrylic version!

Etsy seller UltimateAcrylics makes tons of acrylic IKEA greenhouse cabinet accessories including a custom IKEA acrylic pegboard. This acrylic version of the Skadis pegboard can be ordered to fit your IKEA greenhouse cabinet in several colors.

You can use the acrylic Skadis pegboard with IKEA Skådis accessories like the Skådis pegboard shelf and containers. It’s also perfect for hanging planters with S-hooks. Here are self watering hanging planters that go well with a pegboard.

IKEA Greenhouse Acrylic Shelves – Butterfly Shelves, Corner Shelves & More

The most popular solution for IKEA greenhouse shelves is replacing the glass shelves with custom-made acrylic shelves. You’ll find a whole world of options on Etsy, including butterfly shelves (perfect for propagation), corner shelves, and full-width acrylic shelves with ventilation holes.

Custom IKEA acrylic shelves are the priciest of these options but worth it. Make sure you plan the design of your cabinet before you order shelves, though. You’ll want to account for the height and light needs of your plants!

Here are some great Etsy shops that sell acrylic IKEA shelves for plants.

    UltimateAcrylics: Also sells acrylic IKEA pegboards (seen above). Choose your IKEA greenhouse cabinet and the type of acrylic shelf then choose the style of ventilation holes you want.

    OneWoodThink: Clear acrylic shelves for IKEA greenhouses with several ventilation hole styles including flowers. Choose from full, half, quarter, and butterfly shelves.

    OmniManufacturingLV: Milsbo greenhouse shelves for the Milsbo tall cabinet. These shelves work with the pegboard. This Etsy seller offers full, U-shaped, butterfly or V shaped shelves, corner shelves, and wedges with a huge range of ventilation styles.

    IetsmetplantjesNL: This seller doesn’t use acrylic, but they have a range of beautiful IKEA metal cabinet shelves.

    Metal greenhouse shelves @ IetsmetplantjesNL, Etsy
    IKEA greenhouse acrylic shelves @ OneWoodThink, Etsy

    Magnetic Shelves – Perfect for Baggebo & Rudsta Greenhouse Shelves

    Hoopoton magnetic IKEA greenhouse shelves

    Do you have a Rudsta greenhouse cabinet or even a Baggebo cabinet? Both cabinets have magnetic metal backs and sides which make it easy to attach small shelves and magnetic containers without a pegboard or extra work!

    Magnetic shelves are an easy and affordable IKEA greenhouse accessory. You can find them on Amazon. These shelves are 4.3” deep and 9.7” wide and these are 4.1” deep and 12” wide.

    Below, you can see the Hoopoton magnetic IKEA greenhouse shelves in my Lovecraft & Death Rudsta greenhouse below. I use them to place small succulents close to the grow lights. The baby toes and string of pearls have bloomed like crazy!

    Black magnetic IKEA greenhouse shelves with succulents under a grow light
    Black magnetic IKEA greenhouse shelves with succulents under a grow light

    Magnetic Hooks – Add Hanging Plants to Your IKEA Greenhouse!

    Take advantage of the vertical space and add a hanging plant. It’s easy to do with affordable magnetic hooks. These come in various colors and support up to 25 lbs! This idea works especially well with the Milsbo (tall), Rudsta (tall), and Klingsbo cabinets.

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